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House owners Insurance

What is the value of the home your
wish to have insured?
Our standard coverage includes the perils of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Thunderbolt, Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Water damage (Burst Pipes), Earthquake, subterranean fire, Wvolcanic eruption, tidal wave, tsunami, Cyclone . However if you require cover for the peril of cyclone we require you to provide us with an engineer's certificate from our panel of certified engineers.
(refer to our FORMS & DOWNLOAD tab on our homepage to get a listing of approved engineer's).
Based on the above information, please advise if you require cyclone cover.
What is the location of your residence;
(please provide full address details if possible)
Have you suffered any losses in the past 3 years (insured or uninsured losses, If yes please provide details)   Yes
What is the construction of the building? (whether of concrete, brick, wood, iron or other material)  
Standard coverage is provided for 12 months from inception of cover, please advise if your require coverage for less than 12 months with exact dates of coverage?  
Do you require temporary accommodation cover of $5000 ? (provided if your house becomes unoccupible at time of loss)   Yes
Do you require indemnity value cover or replacement value cover? (please refer to our DOWNLOAD & FORMS tab on our homepage to download a detailed an explanation on the above two terms)